How to Give a Hot Sensual Massage – 6 Tips and Examples

One of the sexiest gifts you can give your lover is a tantric massage in London. This gift will make her feel extra special, especially if you know she loves you deeply. It will be unforgettable. You can start by giving her a light touch at the beginning of the massage. You can then gradually increase the intensity of her massage by focusing on her five senses.


One of the greatest ways to keep the passion alive in a relationship is to be honest with your partner. It is important to tell your partner the truth and let them know that you feel the same way about them. This will make them feel more at ease and trust you more.

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When giving a hot sensual massage, it’s important to engage all five senses to create a calming and relaxing environment. The room should be comfortable with soft lighting and aromatherapy using essential oils or incense. It is a good idea to have some snacks with you.

The five senses play a significant role in creating pleasure in the bedroom. You can increase your partner’s sexual sensibility by stimulating one or more of these senses. According to Janine Breland, a relationship expert and lifestyle writer, stimulating a woman’s senses is crucial to enhancing the experience.

Light touch at the beginning

The beginning of a hot sensual massage is a great time to be light and tender. This helps your partner relax and get in the mood. It is also a great way to set the stage. Before you start, make sure to check the boundaries of your partner and determine your intentions. You might offer to release tension or show your love for your partner in return. You can also light a candle to express your own love for your partner and their body.

You don’t need to do it all, but you shouldn’t try to cover every inch. You can begin by massaging different parts. The arms, chest, and stomach are all great places to start. You can also massage her with your mouth. The warmth of your breath will elicit an erotic response in her body.

Next, concentrate on the erogenous zones. It is important that you spend enough time in the obvious erogenous zones. Start with the head, neck, arms and legs. Then, move on to the lower back, upper back, and backside. Then, finish the sensual massage by massaging the genitals.

Optimum lighting is also important for creating the perfect setting for a hot sensual massage. You should choose a spot that is bright enough to allow you to use candles and other light sources. Also, the bed should be firm, not too soft. If it’s too soft, your partner may have to move to the floor.

Sensual massage can be an exciting way to bond and have fun with your partner. It allows you to feel the healing power and touch. It can make you and your partner feel more romantic and energized. It can also make you feel closer to your partner so that you can relax together.

Continue with a sensual foot massage

You need to use the right oil when giving a hot, sensual massage. You can use almond, grapeseed or baby oil. These oils are readily available and very affordable. It helps the hands slide smoothly and don’t get absorbed very easily. Use these oils sparingly and keep them in a cool place to avoid evaporation.

Start at the ankle, and massage the foot with the oil in circular motions using your thumbs. Make sure not to tickle your partner or injure yourself by using too much pressure. Focus on only one foot at a given time.

A sensual massage is a romantic gift that you can give your partner. It is an excellent way to relax and prepare for foreplay. It is a unique experience that requires your undivided attention and energy. It will be an experience that your partner will remember for a long time to come.

You should be careful when performing a foot massage on someone who has diabetes. Deep pressure and deep massage may cause damage to the nerves. Also, if you have a blood clot, seek medical advice before doing a lower leg massage. Despite these precautions, foot massage is a good home treatment for tense feet and helps people relax.