Portable Oxygen Concentrators: A Straightforward Guide

We all need oxygen to survive, but many individuals, for a variety of reasons (like COPD, for instance), require supplemental oxygen because their lungs can’t produce enough of it to keep their bodies supplied with it. Machines fill this additional oxygen requirement. There are three options: liquid oxygen tanks, compressed oxygen tanks, and oxygen concentrators, which are the subject of this article.

The portable component of oxygen delivery meets the completely natural need of leading an active life. Having to remain still on a bed or chair while receiving additional oxygen should not be the norm. The ability to resume daily activities with a portable equipment is perhaps the most crucial component of continuous oxygen therapy.

An oxygen concentrator is a device that uses electricity to draw oxygen from the environment and give it to the patient in concentrated form. From the perspective of the patient, the method used is not particularly significant. What matters is that oxygen delivery is met as long as the power source is operational. There are portable, stationary, and residential concentrators. Many of lives have been improved by this seemingly straightforward remark.

Think about the following. A prescription for additional oxygen has been given to you or someone close to you. Depending on the flow, a portable oxygen cylinder may provide you with a few hours of oxygen until the tank runs out. This means that you have a very limited amount of time to go to another oxygen source, possibly a stationary and much larger cylinder, if you are in a car or somewhere else.

The alternative scenario has you using your portable oxygen concentrator while you are out and about. The concentrator is pulling oxygen from the surrounding air and giving it to you at the flow you need, unless you’re in a vacuum, which nobody is. Let’s imagine you have a rechargeable battery as your power source. You have six hours left. You might be able to find an electrical outlet or a spare battery.

These straightforward benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator are highlighted. You may easily extend its use at any time, and it provides the air you need for a much longer amount of time. Also, this is the only sort of oxygen unit that is adaptable and useful enough for use by aircraft and other public transportation systems.