Sell Brake Pads Vs EBC Brake Pads – Which is Better?

EBC and Hawk Performance are two of the greatest names in car brake parts. Spend significant time in superior execution slowing down, these two organizations are frequently the essential decisions of car devotees.

EBC makes brake cushions, rotors and liquid for an assortment of vehicles; vehicles, trucks, Suv’s, cruisers, Atv’s, bikes and trucks. Situated in the United Kingdom, EBC has been making brake gear starting around 1978. EBC makes an assortment of brake cushions, from gentle to wild.

EBC Ultimax brake cushions are a semi-metallic compound brake pad disc contribution a further developed coefficient of rubbing over your stock brake cushions while keeping a calm, unsurprising brake feel.
EBC Green Stuff brake cushions are the section level execution brake cushion. Ideal for heavier rides or passenger vehicles that perform twofold responsibility autocross meetings. Great beginning nibble gives an astounding brake feel while downplaying residue and clamor.
EBC Red Stuff brake cushions are an earthenware compound that offers a high coefficient of grinding for magnificent introductory cushion chomp. An incredible cushion for vivacious drivers who appreciate late slowing down. Because of the earthenware compound, you can expect less residue from these brake cushions than from the Green Stuff cushions.
EBC Yellow Stuff brake cushions are not extraordinary for driving in the city, but rather ideal for substantial track use. The measure of rubbing this cushion conveys is enormous, increasing your forward G’s by as much as .2 (that is a ton!). You can anticipate bunches of residue with this cushion, so in the event that you purchase the Yellow Stuff, try to get some wheel cleaner as well.
EBC Green Supreme brake cushions were made for trucks and SUV’s that request better halting execution without an expansion in clamor or residue.
Sell Performance is a division of Wellman Products Group, which likewise possesses Power Slot. While Power Slot makes all the brake rotors, Hawk makes all the brake cushions. Peddle is so great at making brakes that the Sports Car Club of America has picked Hawk to be the authority brake cushion of the SCCA.

Sell HPS brake cushions are the ideal road execution substitution cushion from Hawk. Extraordinary starting cushion nibble in a low-dust semi metallic compound makes the HPS a champ for end of the week autocross fighters.
Sell Performance Ceramic brake cushions offer more significant levels of rubbing than your stock cushions while holding the stock wear, commotion and residue qualities. Ideal for energetic road drivers who lean toward practically no support over better execution.
Sell HP Plus is the ideal autocross and track day cushion. Designed to withstand higher temperatures for longer timeframes, the HP Plus cushions downplay brake blur and grating as far as possible.