Social Media Marketing, Truth and Lies

The year 2011 is gone and the year 2012 is back without missing a single moment. The social networking sector is growing by leaps and bounds. I often hear entrepreneurs say that social networks are like a wild wild west! So answer this question for me. Does it matter if you know the upcoming social networking trends for 2012? Is it nice to know what trends are coming for the coming year? Can you prepare for this rapidly changing industry? In this article, I present my forecasts for 2012 for new trends in the social networking sector. It will always be exciting when my predictions come true. My predictions are not based on any special strength. It is based on my industrial research, what I have read and what I see in my work every day. My accuracy rate in the social media sector is about 97 percent. However, even if I was wrong, just because my timeline ended longer than I thought it would. I have the ability to watch trends on social networks. And this article lists four strong trends they are revealing today. You can use what I say Best smm panel or I will not ignore, the choice is yours. However, these trends will improve during the year. So read on and listen to my advice. Prepare your social media marketing campaigns to take advantage of these trends for 2012 and beyond.

Social media and marketing will continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Last year, Facebook grew from nearly 600 million to 800 million users, depending on who you trust. Twitter and LinkedIn are also growing and adding a lot of new features (not to mention that they have both gained a lot of new partners and assets on the Internet). In addition, Google has launched Google+ and Microsoft is said to be in the process of building its own social network. Hiring small businesses will take the lead, but large companies’ spending will be higher than for small and medium-sized companies. My first piece of advice for you is; develop and implement a “social media policy for employees” to control the use of working time. Second, create a social media marketing plan to reach and engage this huge market. It’s best to combine engagement with pay-per-click campaigns.

One of the biggest players in the social media arena will take a “minute step” in 2012.

I believe that one of the four largest social networking companies can make a costly mistake that will cause them to lose significant market share. Now, some major social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have one major flaw. They tried to make it almost impossible to talk to them. Take Facebook, for example. They do not provide contact information other than a Facebook page. Sure, they have plenty of help pages. Yes, Facebook has a blog, lots of videos on YouTube, but no phone number where you can call and talk to anyone? They have a Facebook page where you can post suggestions, but that’s all. What happens if you receive a strange message from Facebook or have a problem with your account? You have sent a message and have not received a reply! Twitter and LinkedIn are not very good. They did not provide a telephone number or contact address. However, I know that they reply to your e-mail and send messages, although it sometimes takes seven days for them to receive a reply.