The Price of Property For Sale in Chiang Rai

The price of condo for rent Chiang Rai is high compared to other Thai cities, but the prices are still competitive. Prices for a villa in this city start at about 1.9 million Baht and can range from ten to twenty million Baht depending on the location, size, and facilities. Many people prefer to purchase a second hand property in order to save money and get a better value for their money.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live, you can find a beautiful plot in the quiet area of Huay Sak. The plot of land is 17 Rai, and has a prime lake view. The property owners have other properties in Thailand, but are concentrating on developing this one. As a result, the property does not have a title deed. Those interested in buying the property should consider the terms and conditions.

You can find luxurious condos for sale in this district, but finding them is a difficult task. A luxury condo for sale in this city can cost as low as four million Baht. Depending on the size and facilities, a townhouse or a single house can range from three to sixteen million Baht. While the prices of the property for rent in Chiang Rai are not very high, they are still relatively affordable when compared to other cities.

The prices of a two-storey commercial building in the center of the city are quite affordable. A two-storey commercial building in Chiang Rai has a clear glass front and is located near Lan Muang market. It is close to department stores and restaurants and has a large market. Its location is an ideal location for a business. It is a great location in the city and is also very convenient.

If you are looking for a luxurious condo in the center of Chiang Rai, you should consider a threestorey house with a swimming pool. This property is also located in a prime lakefront. The owner of this house has other properties in Thailand and has other property for sale in the same neighborhood. The house has no title deed but comes with a free transfer of land. The price of the home is just 1.89 million baht.

A single-storey house is the most popular choice in this area. It is a few rai away from Central Chiang Rai. It has a lake view and is close to a beach. It is an ideal location for a resort or yoga retreat. The owners of the property have other properties in Thailand and are currently developing this one. This is a non-transferable land. It is not available for sale yet.

The price of a 2-storey house in Chiang Rai depends on the facilities, location, and the amenities. A four-storey house in the city center offers a lot of space and a swimming pool. A large market is the best place to buy property in Chiang Mai. Apart from this, you can also buy a

single-storey property near the Lan Muang market. This property has a great location near the center of the city and is convenient for the city.

In Chiang Rai, you can find a wide variety of real estate for sale. A luxurious condo can be bought for around 4,000,000 Baht. A two-storey single-family house, on the other hand, will cost you about 5,000 Baht. The prices of such a property vary from one to another, but the majority of the properties are well-maintained and surrounded by greenery.