What Makes a Viral Video Go Viral?


Concision is crucial to the success of viral videos. It is a psychological factor that enables a video to quickly and easily gain millions of views on the internet. A viral video must appeal to an emotional trigger in the viewer. When a video captures the attention of the target audience, it is more likely to become popular. Generally, a viral video will gain attention on social networks, such as Facebook, and receive coverage on popular blogs. It may also get picked up by the evening news.

The best viral videos capture the attention of their audience in the first few seconds. To do this, the first word in the video should be “you.” Research shows that the use of “you” in the first few seconds increases the retention rate of viewers. Moreover, a video should have a universal context.


One factor that determines viral videos’ success is trendability. The subject of the video must be hot or trending. Although not all trendworthy topics go viral, videos that are popular on social media are more likely to become viral. This makes them an ideal choice for marketers. These videos cut through the noise on the internet and are viewed by a social audience, which is far more likely to buy and recommend products than a traditional audience.

Trendability of viral videos is not easy. However, if a video has strong emotional appeal, it is likely to go viral. The video onlyfans leaks must be posted on popular platforms like YouTube or TikTok and be shared by influential figures. Once a video becomes popular, it can be picked up by established media outlets.


One of the most important ingredients that make a viral video go viral is its relatability. This is a critical component that should be a top priority when creating your content. Relatability is all about connecting with the audience on a human level. By creating relatable content, you can ensure that your video content will be shared online and gain a large number of viewers.

In addition to being highly relatable, viral videos are highly entertaining and can invoke positive emotions in viewers. Gangnam Style, for example, went viral thanks to its dance moves and fun music. The underlying message of the viral video is about human emotions and how we can use them to our advantage in order to be successful.


A viral video has a number of things in common: it is fast-paced, easy-to-watch, and humorous. The challenge is getting the humor right. People often try to be funny in a viral video because they want more views and shares, but getting the humor just right can be difficult. There are many factors that go into making a viral video, but here are a few things you can do to increase the chances of a viral video’s success.

One of the most common examples is a spoof of a famous commercial. A popular Sprite ad, for example, featured an actor telling viewers how to use the product. Other examples of spoof videos include a car-exploding ad. In both of these cases, the use of humor helps introduce a brand’s personality.

Humor is also effective at building brand recall. It stimulates memory parts of the brain, leaving a more lasting impression than other data. A funny video helps a brand’s viral marketing strategy because people will remember it and share it with others. A humorous introductory video for a new product or service can get millions of views.